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Dave Nassaney        

DAVE NASSANEY is a gasoline expert, an award-winning speaker, syndicated radio host, and best-selling author. He has owned gas stations since 1976, and comes from a gas station family, of which he is the only one left who is still in the business. He writes all about his gas station experiences in his book, "Getting Hosed - Secret Confessions of a Gas Station Owner."

Dave has recently appeared on 52 network morning shows from Washington DC to Honolulu, Hawaii, spoken & shared the stage with Suzanne Somers at Harvard, Martha Stewart & Ice ‘T’  at Carnegie Hall, Nigel Farage at the London Stock Exchange, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Dr Oz at the College of Physiicians at Philadelphia Dr. Drew, Dr. Marc Siegel, Surgeon General, Dr. Jocelyn Elders, and Evander Holyfield at CNN Center Headquarters. As well as: Nasdaq, West Point, Ted-X, NY Bar, Mercedes, Coca Cola, NY Academy of Medicine, and many more. 


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